Top 5 Ways To Earn Online In 2019

Top 5 ways to earn online in 2019

“People are always looking for the ways to earn money online, but most of them ended up with nothing as they never execute on them. Here I’ve listed most legit 5 ways to earn online”

 Lots of people have seen plenty of articles and videos on YouTube about “Earn $10, 50$, 100$ by just clicking on some websites” However most of them are fake.

Making money online takes efforts as 9-5 job needs, but the only difference between Online work and traditional 9-5 job is that in online work you work from your comfort zone however 9-5 jobs need you to be physically present on your workplace.

Without wasting any time here are Top 5 ways to earn online in 2019

1 Blogging

Blogging is one of the common and popular way to earn online where Bloggers (person who writes blogs)

Before embarking new blog you need to know “what does Blogging mean?” and how it will help you to make money online.

In technical sense, Blog means Weblog (often known as Blog) is a discussion or information website published on World Wide Web which consists of a lot of information in the form of letters, pictures and graphics and the person who publish blogs known as blogger and the process of publishing blogs known as Blogging.

In general sense blogging means a platform on which someone express their knowledge to public at large through the internet.

How to start a Blog?

Generally, blogging needs nominal amount for purchasing Web domain and Web hosting, however there are certain platform those offers free Blog

However, there are so many websites allows you to do blogging for free such as Blogger, Medium, Wix & WordPress

How you will earn?

Although, there are so many ways to get paid from Blogging but few of them are so common such as Advertising income, Affiliate marketing, Selling your own services etc.

2. YouTube

If you love making videos then YouTube is one of the best ways to earn online. YouTube is one of the largest video sharing website.

Like all other YouTube Creators you could also earn a decent amount of income by just following your passion.

How to create YouTube channel?

It is as simple as making tea, All you need to have a Gmail account and your Youtube channel is ready by signing in into youtube application.

Start creating videos !!

3.Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing more like selling goods for commission.
There are so many companies who sell products such as shoes, web-hosting services, cloths or some other services, usually offers an affiliate program.

You need to do is sign up in their affiliate program and get your unique tracking ID or Link. Now, Whenever you review about their products, you can simply use that unique tracking Link to recommend the company’s site.
If your readers buy anything, you will get a certain amount of commission.

There are certain websites which offer Affiliate programs such as

4. Freelancer

If you have any kind of Handiness which might be helpful to someone such as Video editing, Photo editing , Logos , Websites ,Presentations, resumes & CV etc.

You can start selling your services online. These are the Top freelance jobs websites.

How will you earn?

You will earn by selling respective services that you know on these websites.Income might be start from $10 which may go up to $5000 per month.

5. Virtual assistant

Virtual assistant VA also called as Virtual office assistant is generally self-employed provides Professional,t administrative, technical or creative to clients from a Home office because VAs are independent service provider rather than employed under certain employement contract.

In the simple words, a Virtual Assistant is an independent person who provides a different type of services from Home and gets paid for their respective services.

These are the certain websites which offers opportunity to work as VA

Sign up and start earning


So these were Top 5 ways to earn online in 2019. These all work needs efforts and time in order to earn something. These are the legit way to earn decent long-term income.

“Go for it”

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