How To Start Your Free Blog And Earn Money In 2019

How to start a free blog and earn?

The legit and best way to start a blog and earn your living just by sharing your passion.

Earning the legit income just by sharing your experience and passion over the blog is possible though so many of us don’t even know how to start a blog for free.

Let’s make it clear that there are two ways to start your blog i.e Free or self-hosted blog.

If you are beginner then you should prefer free platforms to make your blog.

There are several free platforms to start your blog such as, WordPress,, etc although these free platforms work properly the only disadvantage you may notice is that suffix or prefix domain name like let’s say if I open a blog on bloggers for free ( then blogger would make my URL as

Let’s move on to How to start a blog for free?

We gonna start a blog on How to start a blog for free
  • Once you jump into the page click on create a blog and then sign up with your normal Gmail ID.
  • After logging up all you need to do to set up your blog name and select the relevant theme related to your content.
Blog page on
  • You almost done here and now you need to write on your blog and learn all the tools in order to be a pro blogger.

How Can You Earn From Your Blog?

Although there are several ways to monetize your blog such as;

  • Advertising.
  • Selling your own products/Services.
  • Donation through Patreon and other Platforms.
  • Sponsorships.

Tips for the beginners

  • Don’t focus on your ad sense revenue at least in the first 2-3 months.
  • Blogging is all about learning new things and developing new ideas.
  • Always keep in mind blogging also takes time to grow just like your ordinary business does.
  • It is never easy to rank your post it requires a lot of hard work and smart strategy.
  • Never copy others content.
  • Be your original personality.
  • Spend around 2 hours daily at the initial stage.

Good luck for your blogging journey.

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