Vuzix’s new smart glasses are the smart glasses you would actually wear

Vuzix Smart Glasses

New York-based Wearable and AR tech firm Vuzix came back at the CES (virtual CES to be fair) with a new pair of smart glasses that uses microLED technology that to the partnership with the Chinese firm Jade Bird Display.

Vuzix has used the microLED display combined with its waveguide tech into its smart glasses that uses the company’s display engine optics for mapping the image captured from dual camera lens and sensor onto the inside of the glass.

Vuzix smart glasses uses similar display tech as the Google Glass that are more heads up display than the true augmented reality devices.

The new smart glasses offers support for Wi-Fi and optional LTE as well as stereo speakers and noise-canceling microphones and it also offers support for Android and iOS-supported gesture-based touch controls.

Vuzix has not unveiled the name and priced of the new smart glasses yet but it is expected to be released in Summer this year.

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