Top 5 Custom Android Roms For Budgeted Device

Top 5 Custom roms for Android

Tired of no updates? Give try to these 5 Custom Android Roms for your old device in order to experience the amazing features.

If you have a device that is not eligible for updates anymore? have a look at these custom ROMs for your old device.

Before proceeding with the article, let’s talk about What Custom ROM really means?

Custom ROM means Customizing the theme or design of user interface regardless of changing Operating system engine. In simple words, Custom Roms means changing the theme and slight more changes into your current operating system.

In Custom ROM almost every application available for free as all custom ROM is rooted and this allows you to use unknown resources applications.

Disclaimer: For these custom Roms we required Root device and in order to save your data, make sure you create a backup before installing these Roms

Let’s talk about the Top 5 Custom Rom for Budgeted devices

1.Remix OS

Remix Os is one of the best Custom ROM ever exist on Mobile as well as PC. Remix OS Serves several features such as Google play store, lightweight experience, multi-windows and so on.

2. Pixel Experience

Pixel Experience is one of the favorite custom ROM ever exist on the internet.there is no doubt that Google Pixel has an amazing and smooth interface.
It comes with amazing Pixel Icons, Gestures, and launcher which looks really cool.

3. Paranoid Android

Paranoid Android is one of the best Custom Mod out of all the Roms available so basically looks alike Google Experience however it has some unique in a house built features as well.

4.Slim OS

If you have a per classic android device and looking for a software update, SlimOS is one of the best packages for you in order to utilize your older device smoothly and more effectively however it is basically based on Android 4.4 or 5.

5.Pure Nexus

If you are looking for perfect Google Android Experience, this custom OS is for you, since it has amazing Features as Google Pixel Official Rom does. Pure Nexus Project is under progress since Nexus 4 Came out.


While every individual brand has its own UI however these 5 Android Custom ROMs can also be considered if you are looking for something new for your old smartphone.

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