Twitter finally added multiple accounts feature to Twitter Web


Twitter is more focused on getting new users on its platform and Facebook’s Data Privacy and sometimes not working errors have helped the company get a boost as the number of users increased to almost 300 million. Twitter is adding some new features and improvements to make its services easily accessible and simple to use for users specifically for new users.w

One addition to its redesigned platform on both the web and application is the feature to add multiple accounts on the Twitter Web this feature is already available to Android and iOS users.

How to add Multiple Accounts on Twitter Web

1- First you have to switch to the New Twitter (limited to select users) which is accessible by clicking your profile picture and in the bottom, you will see the “Try the new Twitter”. Click on it.

Twitter New Interface
Twitter New Interface

2- You will be switched to a new Twitter Interface, now on the top right, you will see your profile picture and your account name with a drop down icon. Click on it and a menu will be open.

Twitter Menu to add new account and switch between multiple accounts
Twitter Menu to add new account and switch between multiple accounts

3- Click on the three-dot button on the top right, a new popup will be open to adding an existing account with all your logged in accounts available and also a button to log out from all accounts are available.

4- Just fill in your credentials and on login you will be entered in your new account you just added.

5- To switch between accounts you have to click on the top right button with your account name and profile picture in the overlay menu you will see the profile picture of accounts you have added, just click on the one you want to access and you’ll be in your account.

This feature will be very helpful for users those who access the Twitter on Web and uses multiple accounts for which they have to either logout on the browser or use another browser from another account.

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