Try These 5 Lightweight OS To Upgrade Your Old PC

Best Lite Weight OS For Old PC

There are several Operating Systems available other than Windows which works perfectly productive for you.

Are you bored out of your old PC?

If yes, there are plenty of options in the room that you would prefer for your PC.

Generally most of us only aware of Microsoft windows however there are highly productive operating systems available.

What Do We consider As An Old PC?

  • Processors based on 32 Bit Information Architecture
  • Programs based on x86 Architecture
  • Processors Older than Intel Core Duo
  • Pretty Less Ram such as 1Gb or lesser

Do not get obsolete like an old technology keep innovating yourself.

Sukant Ratnakar

These are the 5 best lightweight OS To Upgrade Your Old PC

1.Arch Linux

Arch Linux is one of the most lightweight distribution exists. while in spite of lightweight operating system it offers a variety of features including open-source multimedia features.

Those PC who has low RAM size and old gen PC, this OS is best for perfect functions.

Arch Linux


Xubuntu is another powerful operating system based on is a light and elegant operating system for usual tasks and office works.

It is highly customizable itself not only applications but also user interface can be easily customized.


3.Elementary OS

Elementary OS is one of the most beautiful operating system based on Linux. Again it is pretty light in terms of size.

Elementary OS is a great start for a beginner coder since it is based on Linux and have dedicated programming tools for hacking and coding.

Elementary OS

4.Prime OS

Since it is an android based architecture you won’t be allowed to run windows application or Linux application. it is one of the most beautiful operating system and lite weight.

Prime OS is an Android-based operating system that allows you to run android applications on your desktop with high speed and performance.

Prime OS

5. Linux Lite

Linux Lite is the Fast, Simple and obviously Lite weight operating system based on Linux.

Linux Lite

It has all the capabilities for your daily tasks and office work since you get free open-source Libreoffice tools and other accessories.


While researching the best lite weight operating system I have been through plenty of them however, in my opinion, these are the best 5 Lite weight operating systems for old pc.

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