Dell computer users must get this bug fixed right away


When you buy a new laptop or computer you get to see that some unwanted softwares or applications are pre-installed in your devices. These pre-installed softwares take a whole lot of memory space which leads to slowing down your computer.

Dell’s SupportAssist which the company’s page says that is preinstalled in every Dell Computer running Windows and dubbed as the “the industry’s first automated proactive and predictive support technology,” has been found to be unprotected leading to a hack since October last year as reported by a 17-year-old researcher Bill Demirkapi.

His research proves that the Dell SupportAssist has administrator-level access to Windows OS and it is developed to automatically install updates to your computer and he found a way to take over these updates requests.

This proves that any hacker can breach into your computer and install any software which could lead to basically steal anything from your device without you being known about it. You can read all about his report here in a blog and see a proof.

Demirkapi told ZDNet that the hacker can only access this if the user is on the same network like public WiFi like local Starbucks, school or even your workplace. You can easily bypass this hacking if you just uninstall the software or update it to the SupportAssist v or later.

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