What Is 5G Technology And How Fast It Going To Be?

What is 5G Technology

After the success of 4G LTE around the globe it’s time to 5G now but the thing is what exactly 5G is and how it will work?

5G Technology

What Is 5G Technology?

Fifth Generation of Mobile Network where the speed of Internet connection increases by double of the 4G network. It is estimated around 10Gbps on Broadband and 20Gbps on Mobile Network.

5G Technology not only increase the download and uploading speed but also reduce the latency of networks around the globe.

Similar to 4G it will support HD voice calling with even more clear voice calls and high-speed video calling.

In general, sometime it might be difficult to watch movies or videos in 1080P and almost impossible to play in 4K with 4G Technology so in order to minimize such delays 5G Technology has been introduced.

Status of 5G Infrastructure

5G Technology spectrum firstly started in the US since many of the US telecommunication carriers initiated the integration of 5G technology in their countrywide.

T-Mobile, a US carrier started it’s Home wireless 5G network service in some of the States in the US while other like AT&T is working on true 5G network in order to migrate its current 4G LTE network to 5G Networks.

When 5G expected to come in the market

As I mentioned earlier some of the carriers in the US already started their testing for 5G technology as Home services and Personal networks.

While other countries such as UK, Canada, Japan, and other developed nations about to launch 5G by 2020 since it is not only migrating the networks to 5G it takes massive investment and time to build up the infrastructure that could be supportive to 5G technology.

5G In India?

For now, the question is ” is 5G will come in India?”, the answer is simply no for now it’s is way difficult to introduce 5G with current network infrastructure in India.

Since 4G carriers are not even able to provide the best 4G speed in India Such as Jio, Airtel and Vodafone.

5G in samsung
5G Signals

Should You Buy 5G Phone In India?

This might be a little bit early to get 5G enabled Smartphone in India since Mi the most popular brand in smartphone market already launched their 5G technology smartphones but the thing is “India is not yet ready for 5G technology” so it is not a good idea to get a 5G Enabled smartphone at this stage.

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