NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter makes history as first powered flight on Mars

Shadow of the NASA Ingenuity helicopter while it is flying over the Martian surface

NASA has achieved another historic moment in space exploration with the successful flight of the Ingenuity helicopter from the surface of the Red Planet that is now marked as the first powered flight on another planet by humans.

Ingenuity flew 10 feet off the ground over Mars’ Jezero Crater. (Video: NASA)

NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter took a flight at 12:34PM Mars time (3:34AM ET, Earth time), spinning its twin rotor blades at more than 2,500 rpm to achieve its first flight in the ultrathin atmosphere of Mars. The craft flew for over 30 seconds at 10 feet of height before descending for touchdown, concluding a fully autonomous 39.1-second flight test, NASA said.

The Ingenuity helicopter arrived at the Red Planet on February 18th, 2021 sitting inside the Perseverance rover and came outside the rover on April 4th that was expected to take its first of five flight on April 11th but delayed due to some issues.

NASA’s main objective with the Ingenuity helicopter is to demonstrate a flight on the Red Planet. While, the Perseverance rover is there to carry out the main experiments and collect the Martian soil for future missions.

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