GPS Rollover is today and it could make your devices crazy


The Global Positioning System (GPS) epoch time will end today and start again, this event could affect your devices or any equipment or any other gadgets that rely on the GPS time and location.

When the Global Positioning System was first implemented, the time and date function were defined by a 10-bit number. Just like the Georgian Calender which uses the year, month and date format, the GPS date is a “week number,” or WN. The Week Number is transmitted as a 10-bit field in navigation messages and rolls over or resets to zero every 1,024 weeks.

The GPS Week was started on January 6, 1980, and it became zero for the first time at midnight August 21, 1999. At midnight April 6 (US time), the GPS Week Number is scheduled to reset, and this will affect time and time lags to your GPS dependent devices. All Network related services use GPS receivers for timing and controlling certain functions.

The WN restart date could be different in different devices depending on when the firmware of the device was created.

This event gives rise to the bug of GPS described as Y2K will cause problems in some GPS receivers such as resetting the time and corrupting location data. If you receive any kind of issue please report to us in the comments below.

Possibly with most countries developing their own Positioning System, it’s not necessary you will witness the US-based GPS in your country next time.

Let’s just hope your devices won’t get affected much and enjoy the “Zero Day” or wait for another 1024 weeks to witness the next time when the GPS WN resets.

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