China extends its lead in TOP500 Supercomputers list, 2019

Summit Supercomputer

As leading the world in manufacturing technology China has now overtaken it’s presence as the dominating country of Supercomputers with extending it’s list of active Supercomputers in the world as per the list released by TOP500.

Top 10 Ranked Supercomputers in the world:

RankSystem NameSite, CountryCores
1SummitDOE, United States2,414,592
2SierraDOE, United States1,572,480
3Sunway TaihuLightNSC in Wuxi, China10,649,600
4Tianhe-2ANSC in Guangzhou, China4,981,760
5FronteraUniversity of Texas, United States448,448
6Piz DaintCSCS, Switzerland387,872
7TrinityDOE, United States979,072
8AI Bridging Cloud InfrastructureNIAIST, Japan391,680
9SuperMUC-NGLeibniz Rechenzentrum, Germany305,856
10LassenDOE, United States288,288

Countries with Supercomputers in Top 500:

China continues to dominated the Top500 supercomputers list with increasing the number to 227 (45.6%) from 219 in June 2019. US-based system remain all-time low with just 118 (23.4%) but it’s share remains the largest in performance with (37.8%) dropping from 38.4% in June 2019.

Japan remains third in place with 29 systems followed by France in fourth with 18, and Germany with 16 at fifth place.

Germany (16), Netherlands (15), Ireland (14), and the United Kingdom has 11 supercomputers in the TOP500 list, while other countries have in single digits.

Vendor Shares in Top 500 Supercomputers:

With dominance in the TOP 500 Supercomputers list, China also dominate in the vendor share thanks to home companies Lenovo, (174), Sugon (71), and Inspur (65) that sits at the top three places respectively in system installation share.

At the chip level, Intel remains the only one to be competing with 470 out of 500 includes Intel chip split between Xeon and Xeon Phi hardware. IBM takes the second place with 14 systems and AMD includes in just three systems.

NVIDIA leads with 136 of the 145 system for accelerators.

52% (258) of the TOP500 systems uses Ethernet, while InfiniBand is the used in 28% (140) systems and 46 systems has custom interconnections.

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