7 Crazy Gadgets To Try At least Once On Amazon

Nowadays very strange gadgets are coming in every day but few of them are really useful to save time in stuffs.

Amazon has millions of products but there are some cool gadgets which have pretty useful features, these are the 7 Crazy Gadgets to buy on amazon

1.Telicart Led Programmable Message Fan W/Custom Drawing – USB Powered


This is crazy small usb fan which reflects the programmable message and custom Drawing. It could be cool gift as well.

Features of this product

  • Program up to 8 messages and 26 letters in each message.
  • Program direction of how message open and close.
  • 16″ Flexible Goose Neck and can power from any USB outlet.

2. Mini 208 Eyes Massager

Eye Massager

Unique eye massager is somehow really useful device to relax your eye nerves . reduce dark circles .

Features of this product

  • Size: 30mmx124mm(LxH)
  • Weight: 62g(Net Weight)
  • Material: pc abs
  • Consume power: 0.5w

3.Gadget Hero’s Microtouch Nose, Ear, Facial, Eyebrows & Body Hair Trimmer

Microtouch Trimmer

Microtouch Trimmer basically helps you to trim unwanted hairs in your nose.Ear.Facial.Eyebrows & Body Hair. It is a useful device to buy when it comes to Trimming unwanted hairs.

Features of this product

  • Stainless Steel Blade: It’s the durable, convenient, lightweight material. The high quality, sharp blades offer the sharp precision, smoothest, cleanest cut
  • LED Light: The bright LED grooming light is used for locating and finding the area hard to reach, and then cut the hair easily
  • Safe & Painless: Micro Touches technology control for precision cut adjustment, never hurts the nasal cavity
  • Efficient: 50% Longer Blade,50% More power, Battery-Operated high-speed environmental protection motor(battery not included)

4.Generic Night Scope Toy Binocular with Pop-Up Light

Night Scope Binocular

Night scope toy binocular is a cool device for your children so that they could learn about binoculars and how does it work even in nights for hunting stuffs and adventures.

It’s cool for trekking,camping and hiking.

Features of this product

  • Tinted lenses for surveillance and also binocular with night vision
  • The product is a Toy unit and Not a Professional Binocular
  • Zoom upto 4x only
  • Best suited for children below 6 years

5. Musical Pot with Bluetooth Speakers, LED Lights and Touch Control Piano System

Pot Bluetooth speaker

Music pot with Bluetooth is a cool device no doubt,it provides decorations as well useful speaker.

Features of this product

  • Magical flower vase / pot : one touch on the plant will start music and colorful led light blinking. By every touch on the plant, you will hear the song. Just like you are playing the piano
  • Bluetooth speaker: through the phone or tablet and other bluetooth equipment to connect the flowerpot. Then the flowerpot immediately change into a speaker
  • Comes with 07 colours LED light on the pot gives it a beautiful and stylish look in the dark or in deem light

6.Junos Infinity Cube For Stress Relief

Infinity cube

Junos infinity cube is a cool looking gadget which helps you to overcome stress and provide pleasure to your fingertips.It relieves your stress and anxiety while helping to enhance attention and focusing.

Features of this product

  • Infinity Cube Toy: Bring You Endless Finger Pleasure By Flip And Fold It Constantly To Transformate Different Infinity Shapes. Meet All Your Hands’ Needs-Once Touch It, Your Fingers Wouldn’T Stop Whether Play It By One Hand Or Two Hands.
  • This Infinity Cube Toy Is For All Ages, Adults & Children
  • For All Places-At Work & School & Home
  • For All Time When Needs Focus Attention,Relieve Stress & Anxiety To Have A Deep Relax And Release

7.IMBA – Flip Finz Light Up, 3-Ass

Flip Fizz Light

This gadget is not only cool but also addictive but if you play with this gadget for few minutes a day you could get pleasure out of it.

Features of this product

  • Spin it, Twirl it, Flip it and Light it up
  • You can twist it between your fingers
  • It has Led Light
  • Its available in Red, Green and Blue Colors

So, These were the 7 Crazy Gadgets To Try At least Once On Amazon

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