Wind and Solar energy now contributes to one-tenth of the Global Energy production

Wind Energy

Electricity production through renewables like Solar and Wind energy has doubled since 2015 as reported by the climate-focused think tank Ember, it mentions that about a tenth of the world electricity is now generated using Solar and Wind Energy that is close to the energy generated using Nuclear power plants around the world.

The rise in carbon-free electricity production has helped in gradually reducing Coal-based electricity production and according to the report, Coal-based electricity production has dropped a record-breaking 8.3 percent in the first half of 2020 compared with the first half of 2019.

COVID-19 Pandemic is also a major reason for the drop in coal-based electricity due to lower power demand.

The report notes that the United Kingdom and EU are the leaders in the electricity production using Wind turbines and Solar panels with Germany producing 42 percent, UK with 33 percent and 21 percent across the European Union.

The report also notes that the current top three carbon polluters in the world: China, US and India are also progressing towards Wind and Solar energy with India and China producing about a tenth of their electricity while United States is producing at 12 percent.

China is now responsible for more than half of all the world’s coal power generation.

The United States now generates about 12 percent of its power from wind and solar energy that raises the renewables and nuclear-based electricity production over coal. In April 2019, the total amount of energy production in the US surpassed coal for the first time.

This report shows that wind and solar energy are now replacing coal as the source of energy production in the world that will largely contribute to the limit the devastating effects of climate change in upcoming decades.

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