Facebook takes legal action against the firms that used its services to collect user information

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Facebook has announced that the company filed separate lawsuits against firms in the UK and the US for violation of its ‘Terms of Service’ protecting its users from data abuse on Facebook platforms.

Facebook Inc. and Facebook Ireland has sued MobiBurn, OakSmart Technologies and Faith Haltus, founder of the company in the High Court of Justice in failing to comply with Facebook’s audit request after it was reported that MobiBurn collected user data from Facebook and the companies other social media companies by paying app developers to install a malicious SDK in their apps.

In the report Facebook mentions that when a user install those apps on their devices, MobiBurn collected information from the users’ device and requested data from Facebook that includes the person’s name, time zone, email address and gender. The company did not compromise Facebook, but instead used the malicious SDK on the users’ devices to collect the information.

Security researchers reported to Facebook about MobiBurn’s behaviour as part of the company’s data abuse bounty program, the company later took strong action against the company by disabling its apps, sending a cease and desist letter and requested the company to participate in an audit in which the company failed to cooperate.

In a different case, Facebook Inc. and Instagram LLC filed a lawsuit against Nikolay Holper in the federal court of San Francisco for operating a fake engagement service named Nakrutka that used a network of bots and automation software to distribute fake likes, comments, views and followers on Instagram.

Facebook mentions that Holper used different websites to sell fake engagement to Instagram users, initially Facebook disabled accounts associated with Holper and his service formally warned him for violating its terms and sent a cease and desist letter to the company.

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