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Researchers collect baffling images to expose weak spots in AI

Researchers created a dateset of confusing images known as Adversarial Images to expose the weak spots in the Artificial Intelligence.

Prashant Sharma
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Oppo K3 with Snapdragon 710, Rising Selfie Camera starts at Rs. 16,990

Oppo has launched the Oppo K3 with Snapdragon 710, Rising Selfie Camera starting at Rs. 16,990 in India.

Marvel Studios reveals Phase Four Movies and TV series coming in 2020/21

Marvel Studios revealed the Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe which includes 10 movies and Disney+ series planned...

New Anti-Drone System used by US Navy Ship destroyed an Iranian Drone

US Navy Ship used a new Anti-Drone System to take down an Iranian Drone in the Persian Gulf.

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