Top 5 Features Of Google Snapseed To Edit Your Picture Like A Pro

Top 5 Features of Snapseed

Google Snapseed proved to be the best Instant Photo editor, it has various advanced features and most impressively it is a really simplified application

Snapseed is one of the best photo editing application on smartphones, it makes editing as simple as possible in phones.

Apart from simplicity, it also has basic to advanced level features. It has features like Lens Blur, Motion Blur, Selection tools, Double exposure and so on.

You might be wondering Picsart has a lot more than that but still, Snapseed has smoother performance even in low-end devices and impressive things about Snapseed is it has no ads, no premium version.

You could prefer Snapseed over any other photo editing app on smartphones.

Top 5 Features Of Snapseed

Selection Tool

Selection tool allows you to select the area which you wanted to get edited and the rest will gonna be the same, it really helps you to make your picture more professional.

Selection Tools in Snapseed
Selection Tools in Snapseed

Custom Tune Image

Custom Tune Image feature could help you to change Brightness, Saturation, Contrast, Sharpness and much more with the help of this feature you can adjust your image as you want it also helps you to enhance your low light night shots on smartphones.

Custom Tune Image
Custom Tune Image

Brush Tool

This is one of the best tools an editor ever has in a smartphone. Basically, the brush tool allows you to highlight the details that you wanted to highlight in your picture.
A brush tool is an ordinary tool in a photo editor but still, it plays an important role in a photo editor.

Brush tool Effect
Brush tool Effect


HDR-Scape may completely transform your image into cool looking high-quality picture but still, it doesn’t work on every picture.

HDR Scape mode
HDR Scape mode

Double Exposure

Double Exposure feature can be considered as a bonus feature since it could help you to make darken double exposed picture or light one.

Double exposure
Double exposure


One of the best features is healing which could help you to cover up some marks on your face or tearing images or hiding anything from the background. It can be considered as an advanced feature in this photo editor.

Healing Feature
`Healing Feature


So these were the Top 5 Features Of Google Snapseed To Edit Your Picture Like A Pro,

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