Top 5 Secret Features Of Windows 10 New Update 2019

Top 5 Secret Features of Windows 10 New Update 2019

There are some unknown features in Windows 10 new update but most of us never look into them therefore i have listed Top 5 Features of new windows 10 Update

Since the very long time windows always been the favorite operating system for most of us. Majority of us prefer Windows over any other operating system.

A few years back when Windows 8 came out it was difficult for most of the people who used to prefer start standard toolbar which was missing in Windows 8 even in Windows 10.

Microsoft always comes up with something new in every update of Windows 10. It’s been several years since we are getting updates for Windows 10 and still we get updates almost every second week.

Okay so let’s move forward for Top 5 Secret Features Of New Update of Windows 10.

1. Windows HD Display

Windows  HD Display
Windows HD Display

Now Windows allows you to choose your HD color display of your choice. While playing games or watching videos you can adjust the colors accordingly.

Windows  HD Display
Windows HD Display

You may require high end graphics card for best performance but still a nice initiative by Microsoft in new update.

2. Night Light Settings

Windows 10 Night Light
Windows 10 Night Light

The odd hour shift mode often seeing anywhere like in Android device with a different name and in iPhone with Night shift but now Microsoft has also added a new feature down the line. It is one of the useful feature Windows ever had, you can also schedule the timing for that Night Light feature.

How to activate this feature

Either Go to windows settings > type night light or

Click on side notification button in the bottom night and click on expand and then click on Night Light

3. Clipboard

Windows 10 Clipboard
Windows 10 Clipboard

This feature could be very useful for a blogger or content writer as there might be lot pain in copying and pasting back and forth so in order to save time Windows introduce this feature in their new update.

4. Focus Assist

Windows 10 Focus Assist
Windows 10 Focus Assist

This feature can be considered as an advanced feature for Operating system so far obviously Smartphones have such kind of feature but it still might be more advanced.

Here you can adjust what you want to see as a notification in custom hours to stay focused on your task, it also allows you to set priority in different situations such While Gaming or staying at home.

5. Remote Desktop Client

Windows 10 Remote Desktop Client
Windows 10 Remote Desktop Client

The last but not the least effective feature is Remote Desktop which allows you to control your desktop anywhere from any device you have (Either Android or iOS). After downloading Windows Remote Desktop Client you will be able to use this feature.


While there are several untouched features in Windows 10 but this 5 features I thought fit to share, these features actually may help you to gain a better experience of your beautiful Windows 10.

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