Samsung Notebook Odyssey, Powerful Laptop For Gaming

Samsung Notebook Odyssey

Samsung published a new commercial for Notebook Odyssey on YouTube showing off its features and performance. Learn more.

Samsung has always been innovative with their devices and when it comes to handheld devices Samsung has earned quite good respect in the market of powerful computers.

Samsung has some very innovative laptops such as Notebook 9 came up with builtin S pen feature which is quite impressive.

Actually, Samsung has categorized their Laptops into various purposes such as exclusively for Gaming or Streaming.

Samsung Notebooks

Samsung Notebook Odyssey

Samsung Notebook Odyessey
Samsung Notebook Odyessey (Source: Samsung)

The new Samsung Notebook Odyssey especially configured for gaming comes with a powerful cooling mechanism which allows you to play high-end graphics games for an even longer period than any other laptop. It has a beast mode which enhances your gaming experience.

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Major Specifications

  • Intel 8th Gen Core i7 Processor
  • Powerful NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060
  • Fully Upgradable SSD, HDD & Memory slots
  • Penta Heat Pipes
  • 4 RHE Fins for Dual side cooling
  • 144Hz Display with NVIDIA G Sync
  • Slim Bezel
  • 360″ Dolby Sound
Samsung Notebook Odyessey Cooling Feature
Samsung Notebook Odyessey Cooling Feature

Samsung Notebook Odyssey going to be a super powerful beast for Gaming which will give you higher FPS benchmark.

Samsung Notebook Odyessey Official Trailer

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