Best 5 Linux Distros For Beginners In 2019

Top 5 Linux OS for beginners

Linux Distros could sounds confusing however these 5 Linux Distros For beginners In 2019 in order to enhance experience with Distros.

Majority of us begin our computer journey with Windows or Mac however there are still several Operating Systems available in the market such as Linux Distros, Unix, Android OS, and many more.

Some of the Linux Distros are way easy to operate as a beginner. Linux Distros would be the best choice if you are a coding student or learning How to Code because every Linux Distros has Terminal where you can Code.

They are all FREE to use

Let’s check the 5 Best Linux Distros That A Beginner Use In 2019.

1. Zorin OS

Zorin OS is one of the most user-friendly distros ever exist on a Linux platform. Zorin OS allow you to set up your user experience as the way you want. It can be work upon Windows layout or Mac layout. Not only Windows & Mac it also supports Touch Layout.

Zorin 15 Ultimate has several advanced features that could help you to prefer tasks that you will be able to do on Windows and macOS such as Graphic software packages and Games.

Zorin OS


  • Stable Updates and Kernel
  • Advanced Terminal
  • Graphics Software Such as GIMP
  • User-Friendly
  • Multimedia Application
  • Pre Loaded Games

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2. Elementary OS

Elementary OS is another beautiful and simple distros which work really fast, it is more suitable for the user from Mac background.

Elementary OS is beautifully designed for household purposes as it has several useful tools and applications, apart from that it feels like macOS.

Elementary OS


  • All New Code
  • Night Light Mode
  • Colour emoji 🎉
  • Available Games
  • Sustainable Upgrades

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3. Ubuntu Budgie

Ubuntu Budgie is another Linux based distribution which is really Simple, Elegant and Powerful Linux distro ever existed. Ubuntu Budgie has several features such as Music Player & Organiser, Geary (Email application), MPV (Free open source & Cross-platform media) a player.


  • Ready to use operating system yet flexible
  • Open Source applications
  • Gaming (Powered by Steam)
  • More Stable Operating system with timely updates

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4. Ubuntu Mate

Ubuntu Mate is one of the most popular Linux based operating system among beginners as it offers a variety of features and user-friendly interface that makes it very familiar to use. It is capable to run on several devices such as Windows PC, Mac or GPD.

Ubuntu Mate

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5. Linux Mint

Last but not the least important operating system, Linux Mint is another one of the best operating system based on Linux as it looks alike macOS with advanced features and open source applications.

Linux mint supports every type of multimedia as you required for entertainment and fully customization themes that makes it different from any other Linux Distros.

Linux mint

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Well as a beginner you need to choose at least one of the operating system since no operating system is perfect therefore you need to select one of the most suitable options for you, I would recommend you to go for elementary OS because Elementary OS is one of the most beautiful and has easy to use interface which look-alike macOS.

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