World’s Largest Silicon Manufacturing in the World

World Largest Chip Manufacturing in the World

One of the largest chip manufacturer in the world Intel has selected New Albany in Columbus, Ohio in the United States to build the World’s Largest Silicon Manufacturing Hub in the world.

The company plans to build two chip factories initially at the 1000-acre planned location that will directly employ at least 3,000 people and thousands more across suppliers and partners in the region. The construction for the factories is expected to be starting this year and will become operational by 2025.

In an interview to Time, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said that the company expects that the site could be expanded to 2,000-acre with eight chip fabrication facilities. Intel plans to invest up to $100 billion at the location over the decade and about $100 million in partnership with Ohio universities, colleges, and the US National Science Foundation to help foster new talent for the country.

Founded in California, Intel has already built factories across several states including Oregon, New Mexico, and Arizona.

The shortage of chip manufacturing around the world due to COVID-19 Pandemic has led to the shift of chip manufacturing from Asia to US for which the US Senate approved a $52 billion subsidy package for the chip industry in June last year to build new companies in the US.

Samsung and TSMC has already announced plans to build new manufacturing facilities in Texas and Arizona respectively.

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