Whatsapp new feature helps you control who can add you to Groups


Whatsapp has introduced a new feature that will now let the user control who can add him/her to the Groups. Users will now have full access to control whether they can be added to any groups without their own choice. This will be another major improvement to stop the false news and misinformation spreading.

Users information were used in political campaigns and election period using software to spread news and information in India and Brazil.

Whatsapp Group Settings

Yesterday Whatsapp added a new fact-checking feature dubbed as Checkpoint Tipline partnering with a local startup Proto. With this feature, any user can send a forwarded message to classify as true, false, misleading or disputed. The new feature is added as the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections of India are starting from April 11th. The forwarded message can be in any form images, videos, gifs or texts.

Whatsapp recently limited the number of messages forwarded to five and also added the feature that the message received to a user is forwarded or sent directly. Facebook recently deleted a large number of accounts, pages and groups from Facebook and Instagram for coordinated inauthentic behaviour in India.

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