What’s new in Microsoft Windows 11?

What's new in Windows 11

Microsoft has officially confirmed that the new Windows operating system is Windows 11 after a month of teasers, hints and a leak that spoiled the fun of a fresh Windows operating system after a long time.

Windows 11 primarily keeps focus on the simplification of the Windows User Interface, a new Windows app store, improved performance and it also offers support for running Android apps inside the operating system.

User Interface:

Windows 11 offers a major change in the Windows UI that has requested a change from a long time since the introduction of Windows 7 and the company seems to have taken note of users request but in a sophisticated manner.

  • The Windows 11 has a new Start Menu and updated Start button that are both centered on the taskbar (you can put it on left with settings) that includes apps, recent documents, and a separate search interface in the start menu.
  • The next notable change in the interface is the rounded corners that gives it a refreshing look.
  • Windows introduces Snap layouts that offers pre-defined layout for apps and other windows that will be helpful for multitasking.
  • Windows 11 includes Dark and Light modes
  • Windows updates are now 40 percent smaller and reduces background usages.


Microsoft has now integrated Microsoft Teams in the Windows 11 for both personal and commercial users. Microsoft Teams is now available in the Taskbar for easy access and it’s a confirmation that the company is not pushing Skype anymore.

Windows 11 brings Windows Widgets that can now be accessed through sliding from the left hand side of Windows 11. It comes in with built-in widgets include a news feed, weather, and maps.

Gaming on Windows 11:

Gaming has been a huge part of Windows and with the rise of PC gaming, Microsoft has introduced several Xbox features to the new operating system. Windows 11 offers many improvements to gaming on Windows that includes Auto HDR adding high dynamic range (HDR) to a large number of DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 games with compatible monitor.

Xbox Game Pass has now been integrated into Windows 11 that includes xCloud allowing you to stream Microsoft games directly from your PC using Microsoft Cloud.

Windows App Store:

Windows 11 brings in a new redesigned Windows App Store that also includes support for running Android apps on Windows with the integration of Amazon’s App Store and using Intel Bridge technology.

More details to this new support for Android apps will be available soon.

Microsoft has not revealed a release date yet but promised that it will be available as a free upgrade in holiday season.

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