WeTransfer, file sharing service banned by the Indian Government

WeTransfer banned in India

If you’re having trouble accessing the file-sharing website WeTransfer in India, I suggest you should stop trying to check that nothing is wrong with your internet connection.

As per the order published on May 18th by the Department of Telecommunications of India — WeTransfer and two other links of the website have been banned by the Government over National security and Public Interest and not allowed to be accessed over the ISPs based in India.

The Netherlands-based file sharing service WeTransfer is one of the most popular services in this category that serves for over 50 million users all over the world, the service helps in sharing billions of files between users every month.

The free version of the service allows users to send any file up to 2GB to anyone in the world even without signing up on the platform, while the premium plan of the service allows users to transfer files up to 20 GB along with 1TB of storage space.

WeTransfer is the latest addition to the long list of service banned in India, since 2014 more than 200 websites has been banned by the Telecom department of India, some websites were banned on the complaints over copyright but most of the websites were banned over public interest ligitations (PIL) over various issues.

The ban on the service is considered bizarre from many users and it may impact a big number of users in India that are currently working from home because of nationwide lockdown announced by the Government of India to curb the spread of Coronavirus.

The government itself is one of the users of the service in the recent past as some of the press releases on the PIB website have links to the files being shared through WeTransfer.

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