Watergen's Solar-powered Genny generates fresh water from the air

Watergen Solar Genny

Israel-based Watergen is a well-known organization to develop and implement devices that generate fresh drinking water from the air in the atmosphere using its cutting-edge, patented GENius technology.

Watergen’s Genny is the latest product that works on a simple methodology. It draws air from the atmosphere using a filter at the back of the device like a dehumidifier then cleans and dispenses it out the front like a standard water cooler, it also purifies the air that it draws from the atmosphere. It can produce 13 liters of water per day with 9 kWh of energy and works in 15-40 degrees celsius with a relative humidity of more than 25 percent.

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The company has now unveiled Solar Genny that uses energy generated using Solar Power making the freshwater availability in less-developed areas or crisis zones.

In the package, it includes four 23-foot solar panels to run it provided by a third-party solar company including installation costs that range from $5-8000. At this price, it’s not budget-friendly but it offers a no-waste solution to the world’s water scarcity warrants attention and converts air and sun into fresh clean water.

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