Union Pacific’s Engine No. 4014 the world’s largest steam locomotive is back on track after 58 years

Big Boy Steam Locomotive Engine Number 4014 on tracks

Union Pacific’s Big Boy Steam Locomotive Engine No. 4014 is back on track after nearly 60 years to mark the 150th anniversary of the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad in 1869.

To celebrate the 150th anniversary the only operational Big Boy Engine no. 4014 which was retired in 1961 after registering more than 1 million miles (1,031,205 miles) on Western railroads was restored after two years of restoration in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Only 25 of the Big Boy engines were built, in the early 1940s

Union Pacific Engine No. 4014 Schedule:

Union Pacific's Engine No. 4014 Route Map
Union Pacific’s Engine No. 4014 Route Map (source: Union Pacific)

600-ton locomotive started its journey from Butler, Wisconsin, at 8 a.m. Friday and will travel to its original perch at the Union Pacific Steam Shop in Cheyenne on the morning of August 8.

July 25Adams, Wisconsin (start)
July 25Friesland, Wisconsin (stopping)
July 25Butler, Wisconsin
July 26-29West Chicago, Illinois (on display)
July 30Rochelle, Illinois (stopping)
July 30Clinton, Iowa (stopping)
July 30Wheatland, Iowa (stopping)
July 30Cedar Rapids, Iowa
July 31Belle Plaine, Iowa (short stopping)
July 31Marshalltown, Iowa (stopping)
July 31Elkhart, Iowa (stopping)
August 1Des Moines, Iowa (on display)
August 2Boone, Iowa (stopping)
August 2Carroll, Iowa (stopping)
August 2Woodbine, Iowa (stopping)
August 3Des Moines, Iowa (on display)
August 4Fremont, Nebraska (stopping)
August 4Columbus, Nebraska (stopping)
August 4Central City, Nebraska (short stopping)
August 4Grand Island, Nebraska
August 5Kearney, Nebraska (stopping)
August 5Cozad, Nebraska (stopping)
August 5North Platte, Nebraska
August 6North Platte, Nebraska (on display)
August 7Ogallala, Nebraska (stopping)
August 7Chappell, Nebraska (stopping)
August 7Sidney, Nebraska
August 8Pine Bluffs, Wyoming (short stopping)
August 8Cheyenne, Wyoming (End)

Timing: Short Stopping – 15 minutes, Stopping – 45 minutes

All details of locations, timing can be found here.

Union Pacific is posting updates on the train’s location on itsĀ Twitter feed.

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