This new Music Video explains how Earth’s Climate is flamboyant

Students protesting for Climate change in Prague

Climate Change is a real concern since the Earth’s temperature is rising at a very high rate due to man-made activities but this issue seems further and obscure.

To make this critical issue more influencing a scientist named Lucy Jones created a beautiful video to explain the horrific changes to the Earth using the data of the temperature of Earth from the 1880s to the present with a piece of amazing music.

The informative video is called the In Nomine Terra Calens, translates to “In the Name of a Warming Earth.

Dr. Lucy Jones, a well-known seismologist, and a gifted musician have worked studying earthquakes with the United States Geological Survey since the 1980s. Dr. Jones plays a stringed instrument called the viol and has spent years working on a project that combined her passion for science and baroque music.

She is also a member of Los Angeles Baroque, the group performed this composition on February 1, 2019, at 6:45 pm at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum, but she posted this video on YouTube yesterday.

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She posted an article on her website explaining her study behind creating this video explaining the climate change. She writes “We don’t want to give up modern life so we don’t think about climate change or we try to believe it isn’t really true.” “But the answer to climate change is not a Prius and reusable grocery bag. With 7 billion people on Earth, we could give up every aspect of modern life and not solve the problem.”

How to counter the climate change?

The answer, she says, is moving drastically toward a world where energy production doesn’t raise the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. But getting there will take innovation and a whole lot of money.

“Dealing with climate change means investing in the future,” she adds. “Look again at the consequences of our current trajectory. The true threat to modern life is not dealing with climate change.”

Climate Change doesn’t seem much effective currently but it is for the future generation that will face the most dangerous effects of the Climate if we don’t change our ways of living.

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