Someone hacked printers to make people subscribe to PewDiePie


YouTube has become a part of our life these days, and the YouTubers are doing their best to get your views to their videos.

Felix Kjellberg the Swedish YouTube star well known as “PewDiePie” on YouTube has been the most-subscribed YouTube channel from years, but his crown is under threat after the explosive growth in subscribers of the YouTube channel T-Series in the year 2018.

T-Series is owned by an Indian music production company, which currently has over 72 million subscribers, just 150,000 subscribers behind Kjellberg. Since the threat of losing his crown, PewDiePie fans have started campaigning to increase his subscribers by multiple ways like on a billboard, radio spot, and local TV spot etc.

Over the last couple of days, Twitter users have been posting screenshots of spontaneous printouts from internet-connected printers that say that PewDiePie needs their help. 

“PewDiePie, the currently most subscribed to channel on YouTube, is at stake of losing his position as the number one position by an Indian company called T-Series that simply uploads videos of Bollywood trailers and campaigns,” the sheet says.

A hacker on Twitter has claimed that he has hacked the printers to raise awareness for subscribing PewDiePie and apparently their way of raising awareness of printer security.

The Hacker Giraffe told The Verge that he got the idea for the hack while browsing, a repository for internet-connected devices. Here, they claim that they found 800,000 available printers, and decided to attack 50,000 of them.

“People underestimate how easy a malicious hacker could have used a vulnerability like this to cause major havoc,” TheHackerGiraffe said. “Hackers could have stolen files, installed malware, caused physical damage to the printers and even use the printer as a foothold into the inner network.

“The most horrifying part is: I never considered hacking printers before, the whole learning, downloading and scripting process took no more than 30 minutes.”

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