Satellite images of Google Maps cover 98% of World Population

Google Earth View in Zimbabwe

Google Maps has become the most convenient tool for travelers, businesses and various other uses around the world and the tech giant uses satellite imagery to make Google Maps more informative and impressive. Today, the company released a blog post revealing more information about the process of making maps.

In the blog, the company says that it has captured more than 10 million miles of images for Street View that is equal to the distance to circle the globe more than 400 times. It also says that Google Earth has captured 36 million square miles of HD satellite images available for users to browse and explore the 98 percent of the entire world population.

Google Maps Street View availability
Google Maps Street View availability (source: Google)

The tech giant revealed the process of the development of imagery for its mapping products which involves Street View cars equipped with nine cameras that can take photos from various angles while they’re driving while in other areas where driving isn’t possible, such as nature reserves and areas with no roads, it sends people equipped with Street View Trekker backpacks.


Google Maps Photogrammetry

Google also said that it uses a technique called Photogrammetry to stitch a single set of images together and using the same method it creates VR experience on its apps and other platforms including a virtual tour of Versailles it created for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift users.

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