NEOM, Saudi Prince’s new $500 billion Dream City with Flying Cars and Robot Dinosaurs

Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman al-Saud

Sharma, Saudi Arabia – Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman has a new $500 billion project located at the crossroads of the world, Northwest of Saudi Arabia of his kingdom where the only abundant resources found yet is sunlight and “unlimited access to saltwater.” is somewhat like you have thought of in dreams or in fiction as reported by The Wall Street Journal.

Crown Prince has planned to create a massive city by 2030 with amenities that may leave your eyes wide open and thinking is this even possible and American Consulting company McKinsey and Boston Consulting has proposed some plans to the Saudi Arabia Government.

Neom’s website is now active and the vision on the website reads:

“I present to you THE LINE, a city of a million residents with a length of 170 km that preserves 95% of nature within NEOM, with zero cars, zero streets and zero carbon emissions.”

His Royal Highness Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince and Chairman of the NEOM Company Board of Directors

Some features of the new Dream City “NEOM”:

Flying taxis: Prince Fahd bin Sultan, the region’s governor, in a planning meeting said “I don’t want any roads or pavements. We are going to have flying cars in 2030!”

Robots Everywhere: Robo maids would do your chores for you; robot cage fights would be staged for your amusement, and an amusement park with robot dinosaurs would make for a fun day out at the weekend.

Genetic-engineering: The WSJ quotes plans from Japanese tech giant Softbank to create “a new way of life from birth to death reaching genetic mutations to make human stronger and smarter.”

Artificial Rain: The planned project for Neom city includes rain by using cloud seeding to balance the climate.

Artificial Moon: This definitely sounds hazy but it is also proposed that Neom will have an Artificial Moon, which could perhaps be created by a fleet of drones or involve live-streaming images from space.

Some other amenities included: Sand that will glow in the dark and Facial Recognition Security

Neom City project was announced in 2017 when Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said he wants the city to attract the “world’s greatest minds and best talents.” and he “envisions Neom the largest city globally by GDP, and wanted to understand what he can get with up to 500 billion USD investment.”

As per the plans, Neom will as big as Massachusetts (~27,000 sq. km) and some 20,000 people living in the area are reportedly being forced to relocate by 2022.

Neom is the flagpole of the countries plans to medley the economy away from oil due to climate change. MBS and other Saudi leaders knew this source of revenue can’t last forever so they’re ambitious to develop cities like Neom as new commercial hubs.

One of the six ambitious cities — King Abdullah Economic City has already failed.

For more details read the report by The Wall Street Journal here.

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