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Most Powerful Passport in 2019: Japan and Singapore tops

Japan and Singapore tops as the most powerful passport in the world as of Henley and Partners' Global Passport Index 2019.

Prashant Sharma
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Floating LED Art illustration display the quality of Water in New York City

A Floating LED Art Illustration installed in the New York City displays the water quality in a beautiful and...

First-ever Satellite refueling spacecraft to be launched on October 9th

Northrop Grumman and NASA will be launching a "first-of-its-kind" refueling vessel, the Mission Extension Vehicle on October 9th.

Most-Watched Music Videos on YouTube in 2019

Most-Watched Music Videos on YouTube in 2019: Daddy Yankee, Maroon 5, Karol G, Shawn Mendes and more.

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