MIT downgrades India’s Aarogya Setu COVID-19 tracing app to one star out of five

Aarogya Setu COVID-19 app

Since the COVID-19 Outbreak has started in the world, many countries are trying various methods to find the infected people and one of the most used method is using a dedicated app that helps in finding the people that has come in contact with a COVID-19 infected person.

Indian government launched its COVID-19 contact tracing named Aarogya Setu (Health Bridge) in April that offers official information and updates about the Coronavirus and also includes a self-assessment features that allows users to put in their health condition and if they show any symptoms they will be providing steps to follow as per their results on the app.

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Technology Review has created a COVID-19 contact tracing app tracker that labels COVID-19 contact tracing apps of all countries that are using them for tracking the infected person. MIT’s app tracker includes apps from 28 countries around the world including India’s Aarogya Setu app.

CountryApp NameReview (in Stars)Technology Used
AustriaStoppCorona5/5Bluetooth, Google/Apple
CyprusCovTracer4/5Location, GPS
IcelandRakning C-195/5Location
IndiaAarogya Setu1/5Bluetooth, Location
ItalyImmuni*5/5Bluetooth, Google/Apple
North MacedoniaStopKorona4/5Bluetooth
NorwaySmittestopp3/5Bluetooth, Location
SingaporeTrace Together5/5Bluetooth, BlueTrace
SwitzerlandSwiss Contact Tracing App*4/5Bluetooth, DP-3T, Google/Apple
BahrainBeAware1/5Bluetooth, Location
ChinaChinese health code system0/5Location, Data mining
EstoniaEstonia's App2/5Bluetooth, DP-3T, Google/Apple
FinlandKetju3/5Bluetooth, DP-3T
GermanyCorona App*2/5Bluetooth, Google/Apple
GhanaGH COVID-19 Tracker1/5Location
IrelandHSE Covid-19 App*1/5Bluetooth, Google/Apple
MalaysiaMyTrace1/5Bluetooth, Google/Apple
QatarEhteraz0/5Bluetooth, Location
TurkeyHayat Eve Sığar1/5Bluetooth, Location
UKNHS COVID-19 App*3/5Bluetooth

Aarogya Setu that has been made compulsory for air travel on Thursday that has made researchers make another drop to its rating on the parameter of “data minimization” which was rated to two out of five stars earlier.

Data minimization means that the app collects more data than the information it needs for the purpose of contact tracing.

According to Paran Chandrasekaran, CEO and Founder of cybersecurity firm Scentrics, while Aarogya Setu makes use of both Bluetooth and GPS location data for its contact tracing app, the Google and Apple API uses Bluetooth technology, which may have limitations.

Source: MIT Technology Review

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