Long videos on TikTok is a new challenge for YouTube, and Instagram

Longer videos on TikTok

The much popular short-video social media app TikTok will allow users to create videos of up to three minutes from the start of Q2, 2021 said the company in an official blog post by Drew Kirchhoff, Product Manager at TikTok.

The company has been in talks with creators to offer more time for their content on TikTok for which they have to cut their content in multiple parts for their followers.

After testing the features with some users, the company has finally announced to roll out the service for all users soon.

The new change in TikTok’s content strategy limited to up to three minutes will generate up to three times longer users engagement in the app watching videos and it is expected to bring in a new challenge for YouTube and Instagram.

Instagram has been focused on offering more features for users on videos including Reels and IG TV while YouTube has been adding more features since the introduction of Shorts in the main YouTube app.

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