Intel announced a new brand identity and New 11th-gen Tiger Lake Processors

11th-generation Intel Core processors

Intel has finally unveiled its latest generation of processors that includes the new 11th-generation of the Intel processors that now offers support for Thunderbolt 4, WiFi 6, and more.

Intel’s new visual brand identity (Image: Intel)

Intel has also unveiled a new visual brand identity that replaces the Intel brand revealed in 2006 that the company mentions as “The new visual expression of our brand is a signal that Intel is entering a new era, where our rich legacy drives our future, where the pursuit of something wonderful fuels everything we do.”

Intel announced a total of 9 new processors that include the 11th-gen Intel Core i7-1185G7 as the highest-rated processor which features 4 cores/ 8 threads and operates at a base frequency of 3.0GHz it also comes with the new Intel Iris Xe graphics that goes up to 1.35GHz for the i7-1185G7.

List of all new processors announced by Intel:

ProcessorsCoresBase ClockBoost ClockGraphics
Core i7-1185G743.0GHz4.3GHzIris Xe
Core i7-1165G742.8GHz4.1GHzIris Xe
Core i5-1135G742.4GHz3.8GHzIris Xe
Core i3-1125G442.0GHz3.3GHzIntel UHD
Core i3-1115G423.0GHz4.1GHzIntel UHD
Core i7-1160G741.2GHz3.6GHzIris Xe
Core i5-1130G741.1GHz3.4GHzIris Xe
Core i3-1120G441.1GHz3.0GHzIntel UHD
Core i3-1110G421.8GHz3.9GHzIntel UHD

Intel Iris Xe Graphics:

Intel has also announced the new Iris Xe Graphics along with the new Tiger Lake processors, that will be available in the 11th-gen Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors but the 11th-gen Intel Core i3 will use the same Intel UHD graphics.

According to the company, the new Intel Iris Xe graphics offers up to twice the performance than the Intel UHD graphics.

The company also showed a live demo in which the Iris Xe graphics outperformed the Nvidia’s MX350 GPU paired with a 10th-gen Core processor.

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