Indians don’t have employment skills says IBM CEO

Ginni Rometty at IBM Conference

Mumbai, India – Speaking in a company conference Ginni Rometty current Chairperson, CEO and President at IBM has launched a controversial statement saying “Indians don’t have the skills required for employment in IBM, and others IT industries.” when she was asked about jobs and employment in IT industry.

She said that the current education system is not sufficient to make students skilful and prepare them to be job-ready, this is not just for India but this issue is striking globally. “In India, you have the same issues. Open jobs, (but) no matching skill sets” she added. “You have got to believe in a few different things than I think you believed in the past. One is to believe that skills are perhaps more important than a degree”

A statement like this coming from a company where almost 30% of employees are Indians may offend employees who have been working in IT industries from their whole life. In India, the software industry makes a whopping $180-billion and employees over 4 million.

Impact of Industrial Revolution:

WEF report claims that 5 million (50 lakhs) will be vanquished by 2020 due to the advancements of technology majorly the development of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning which proves that world is in 4th Industrial Revolution.

In countries like India where the unemployment rate is on the peak as claimed by reports where 60% of its population in under 35 years of age and these statements must affect the job issues.

Are Indians really unskilled?

This is not the first time an IT-industry head has given a controversial statement. Two years ago, Srinivas Kandula, Chief Executive of Capgemini India said that “I am not very pessimistic, but it is a challenging task and I tend to believe that 60-65 per cent of them are just not trainable.

The same year HDFC Chairperson, Deepak Parekh stated that 80% of Indian engineers are not employable while speaking at an event in IIT Madras.

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