India joins EU in the investigation of Google over Anti-Trust issue


India has officially joined the European Union (EU) in the investigation of Alphabet Inc. parent company of Google over the alleged use of Android Anti-Trust concerns as reported by Reuters.

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) primary watchdog of the country has been investigating the issue last year before approaching a settlement in April to begin a full investigation.

There are no official details available since the CCI’s order for the investigation have not been made public yet. This investigation orders came after the EU’s similar investigation which led to a fine of $5 billion to the company after the findings that Google was using the dominance of Android and Google Play Store to unjustly force Google search on competitors.

Earlier in 2017, Google was fined for $2.7 billion by EU over violating antitrust laws by manipulating shopping search results and another $1.7 billion antitrust fine was imposed on the company over the Adsense contracts.

Since there are no official words with CCI’s order its unclear that the country is investigating over the same concerns that EU found with Google Platforms including Android, Adsense and the Google Play Store.

Reuters reports that this may take about a year for investigation and the final report so we just have to wait, till then read about the announcements Google made at I/O 2019.

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