Huawei is suing US over ban on equipment with new policy


The largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment Huawei has filed a suit against the United States over the new government policies. The new policies was passed by the US Congress last year which describes the ban of the use of china-made telecommunications equipment from being used in federal networks and also the use from major government contractors.

Huawei announced the lawsuit in a press conference in Shenzen in the presence of company executives. The rotating chairperson of the company Guo Ping made a statement at the conference that after failure of reduction of concerns with the US law makers “we are left with no choice but to challenge the law in court.”

The US officials have marked Huawei as a possible security threat multiple times stating that the Chinese Government might be using the company’s tool to keep an eye over the US, but the company has denied all the possibilities since US government has failed to provide evidences to this concern.

The company says that the policies has been targeting Huawei, ZTE and some other Chinese companies and if the ban remains the US will be leftout in the building of the upcoming 5G networking. Kaspersky Lab, the Russia based Cybersecurity company filed a similar suit against the US because it was also named by the officials as a spy over US, but the company lost the case.

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