Huawei Ban: Everything that has happened so far

President Donald Trump and Huawei Ban

In the past two weeks, a lot has happened with the Chinese Tech Giant Huawei. Huawei along with multiple Chinese companies are listed by the US Commerce Department that these companies will not buy technology from the US-based companies without government approval. With the immediate effect, several US-based companies starting from Google cut off Huawei from accessing their technologies. If you’re confused with what has happened with Huawei so far we created a timeline of all Huawei Ban details.

May 15: US President Donald Trump bans Huawei in the country

President of the United States Donald Trump signed an executive order that effectively banned Huawei from the country.

The executive order prohibits transactions that involve information and communications technology or services designed, developed, manufactured, or supplied by persons owned by, controlled by, or subject to the jurisdiction or direction of a foreign adversary whenever the secretary of commerce determines that a transaction would pose a threat to national security.

The US Department of Commerce said

May 19th: Google cut down on Huawei’s Android License

Google was the first company to follow the new order and announced that the company will no longer provide the core Android files and Huawei will have to use the open source version of Android (AOSP) in its future phones also Huawei will not access to the pre-installed applications of Google like Play Store and YouTube. Huawei will also not get any support from Google

May 20th: US provides a 90-day temporary license to Huawei

On the next day, US Department of Commerce gave Huawei a 90-day temporary license to continue their operations as earlier which allowed them to work with Google as usual till the end of the license.

May 22nd: ARM cuts off with Huawei, Microsoft removed Huawei Laptops and Google limits Huawei

The UK based chip designer ARM sent a not to its employees and told them to halt all business deals with Huawei and its subsidiaries, which means that Huawei won’t be able to use ARM chips in its devices including Honor phones. ARM makes the Kirin processors that are used in various mobile and other devices.

Microsoft removed all Huawei laptops from its official stores, but the company hasn’t made any announcement of cutting its ties with Huawei using Windows OS in their computers but this could be happening soon.

Google strengthening its control removed Huawei devices to access the Android Q beta program which the company provided to other companies on Google I/O 2019.

On the same day, a report revealed that Huawei’s own build OS called HongMeng will be rolled out this fall.

May 23rd: Mobile networks in Europe and Asia started to put up orders for Huawei smartphones

Major telecom companies in the Europe and Asia also came in the Huawei Ban and network operators Vodafone and EE suspended the pre-orders for the Huawei 5G Mate 20X.

Japan’s NTT Docomo said it’s not taking any pre-orders for the Huawei P30 Lite which was expected to be launched in the country next month.

May 24th: Goldman Sachs said that Apple could be wretched is China return strike back

Goldman Sachs said that Apple could bear a hit of about 29% if China imposes a ban on importing products from the US.

May 26th: Huawei CEO said he will protest if China retaliates to the ban

May 28th: Huawei files lawsuit to challenge Trump’s ban as unconstitutional

Huawei filed a legal motion challenging the ban imposed by the government on its equipment as unconstitutional. You can view the motion filed by Huawei here.

May 30th: SoftBank snubs Huawei from 5G network in Japan

SoftBank Group’s Japanese telecoms unit named Nokia as a strategic partner for its 5G roll-out and Ericsson as a supplier of radio access network equipment excluding long-time supplier Huawei Technologies.

Huawei with ZTE was a 4G vendor for the Japanese company and its been excluding despite taking part in 5G trials earlier this year.

June 21: FedEx refused to deliver Huawei phone to the US

FedEx refused to deliver an old used Huawei P30 shipped from the UK to the USA with the return notice of “US government issue with Huawei and China government.”

The US and Huawei ban story has a lot to be coming in the future and keep updated with us to know more about this trade war between US and China.

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