How Alaska fixed its Earthquake smashed road in few days

Alaska Earthquake

On November 30th, 2018 Anchorage the largest city of Alaska, United States got hit by a 7.0 Magnitude earthquake. The Earthquake shaked the city with shattering roads, buildings affecting the population of nearly 300,000 people spread across more than 1,900 square miles.

Bridge inspectors based in Alaska’s capital, Juneau got instantly on work. Arriving before midnight, they immediately started checking on the 243 bridges that had been impacted by the earthquake.

Working continuously for 24 hours, the crew altogether cleared away the broken asphalt, saving it to be melted down at a later date. Then, crews with heavy equipment began digging out water-saturated sediments that slipped or sunk during the quake. They trucked in or gathered fresh material and compacted it, creating a sturdy earthwork base. Atop that, they placed large rocks, finer gravel, and finally, asphalt.

Soon after the earthquake struck, owners of asphalt plants switched on their heaters. “We were fortunate that they did that.” McCarthy says. “By the time we’d finished the earthworks, the asphalt plants were ready to go.”

Similar situations have been faced by Japan where they fixed the 30m by 27m sinkhole in less than a week.

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