Google creates a gigantic tribute to Apollo 11’s lead Margaret Hamilton

Margaret Hamilton Google Maps Tribute

Google has different celebrations for the world of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing adding to its celebrations, Google Maps team has created one of the greatest in terms of scale and effect.

Google set up a huge portrait of the Apollo program lead software engineer Margaret Hamilton at the Ivanpah solar facility in the Mojave Desert, using reflective solar panels and the light of the Moon.

The portrait has been created using more than 107,000 mirrors, which cover an area spanning 1.4-square miles, which is actually bigger in surface area than Central Park in NYC — or, for a different sense of scale, it’s an area that would fit more than 200 Eiffel Towers lined up side-by-side.

You can even view the image created from as high up as 1,900 meters (about 6,233 feet).

The gigantic image created by Google also has her name along with the “Apollo 11” mission title and an image of the lunar lander which was used to bring astronauts to the surface for the first time.

At the MIT Instrumental Lab in 1960, Margaret Hamilton was working on the code for the Apollo Guidance Computer that provided astronauts with the information they needed despite an overloaded guidance computer near the end of the lander’s trip to the surface.

In an interview to The Guardian Margaret Hamilton, now 82 described her path to Apollo and her role leading the software team for the Apollo 11 mission.

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