Google and Levi’s Smart Jacket will help you not lose your phone

Levis and Google Commuter Denim Jacket

Google and Levi’s Jacquard Smart Jacket has introduced a new smart feature which will help you remind if you’re leaving your phone behind mistakenly as reported by Android Police.

The new feature is called “Always Together” its an automatic alert which will turn on if the jacket moves too far from the phone. When triggered, a notification will happen on your phone and jacket’s signature sleeve tag will blink and vibrate. Previously, Android Police noted that there was a manual “find your phone” option where an assigned gesture on the jacket could trigger your phone to ring at full volume.

For the Smart Jacket this is a very good addition, which can also lead to adding the music controls and navigation pings within the Google Maps. The Smart Jacket functions will only perform when the Jacquard App is working in your phone.

At a price of $350 this will be fit for you if it justifies your need.

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