Gmail added the email schedule feature on its birthday


To celebrate Gmail’s 15th birthday Google has launched some new updates to its services. The major update is the ability to send scheduled emails which were a long time requirement of users.

Third-party apps were already available earlier to send schedule emails but the addition of this feature will definitely a big help to Gmail users who usually send emails on specific schedules.

Image: Google

Google has improved the Gmail from composing emails to the new material design changes. Earlier in May 2018, Google unveiled the Smart Compose feature which suggests users complete statements and also helps the users to write emails with fewer grammar mistakes. According to Google “Smart Compose has helped the user from typing more than one billion characters each week”.

They are just some minor updates but these updates make Gmail the most used email service in the world till today. Launched in 2004, Gmail share 20% of the global client market as for December 2018 with 1.50 billion registered users.

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