Ford smart mattress moves bed hoggers to their side

Ford Smart Bed

We all get annoyed by bed hoggers and the Car manufacturing company Ford has found the best solution to keep the bed hoggers remain to their side. As Ford’s tagline says “Go Further” they really went further to found a better solution to this solution.

The company is known to be developing conceptual prototypes that make use of its car technology in some unpredicted ways like like the smart crib that puts babies fast asleep by copying car rides.

This bed has a pressure sensor that knows when your partner has clearly violated your half of the bed, which is rightfully yours. Ford’s blog notes that the conveyor belt gently returns “selfish sleepers” to where they should be, similarly how Ford’s Lane-Keeping Aid shifts vehicles back in to their correct lanes by “nudging” the steering wheel in the correct direction.

Source: Ford

There is no final words from Ford when this will be available as its a prototype, but we are keeping an eye when this concept will come into the market for sales.

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