Floating LED Art illustration display the quality of Water in New York City

Plus Pool Light at the Brooklyn Waterfront

If you reside in New York City and you check the quality of water in the city on some website or app before going for swimming or anything else then for the next few months you can just look at an art illustration in the water to know the quality of the water itself.

A public art illustration in the shape of a 50 x 50 feet Plus “+” shape named Pool Light + has been installed at the Seaport District at Pier 17 in Lower Manhattan which displays the quality of water in the river in colorful ways means when the color is blue the water quality is good, it turns teal in color if the sensors detect pathogens in the water.

If the color turns pink then the water is not safe for swimming as per standards. It also changes animation as the direction of the water changes (clockwise when flowing north, counterclockwise when flowing south).

The brightness, frequency, and sharpness of the lights indicate the values as oxygen, turbidity, and pH, respectively.

There is an online dashboard (water.pluspool.org) available that displays real-time values of the water quality since it started in September 21st, 2019 till the present day and it can be seen from the bridges linking Brooklyn and Manhattan as well as the Brooklyn waterfront.

It will be available to watch until January 3rd, 2020.

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