Firefox Send lets you share 1GB of file

Firefox Send

Mozilla has launched its encrypted file-sharing service called Firefox Send, this new service lets you send the download links which are automatically set to expire after a period of time or the number of times you have allowed the file to be downloaded. You can also set a password to the files which the user needs to confirm before downloading the file.

With this new service Mozilla says Firefox Send is a better service for sharing private and sensitive documents with the option of setting a password or limiting the number of downloads. But, this also don’t change the common thing that the files can be copied multiple times if the user have downloaded it once.

Firefox Send works on all browsers and files of up to 1GB can be transferred by default but you can avail the 2.5GB capacity service by creating a free firefox account. Firefox is also launching an android app in beta to avail the similar service on mobile devices.

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