Facebook Shops will bring in more shopping tools for Business Pages on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook Shops

Facebook has finally announced its long-awaited Facebook Shops that is designed to offer more tools for online shopping on Facebook and Instagram that will allow businesses to turn their Facebook and Instagram pages into an online store for their fans and followers on the platforms.

The company says that it will help the small business that are affected by the economic crisis of COVID-19, but this update brings in the biggest push by the company into the e-commerce business.

Facebook Shops allows business owners to create a dedicated “Shop” section of their Facebook or Instagram page and place a catalog of their products for their users to look for and make a purchase.

Notable: Facebook does not offer checkout pages means that the pages can list products only that already exist on an e-commerce website or companies that are using Facebook or Instagram’s in-app checkout feature.

It also allows shop owners to directly chat with a potential customer on Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram Direct.

Instagram is the most essential tool for Facebook in experimenting its shopping tools and the tools by Facebook will help Instagram to offer more shopping features for users. The company plans to bring in a dedicated shopping section on the app by replacing the current “activity” tab on the app that is expected to be released “later this year”.

The company also plans to bring in shopping feature to live video that will allow brands and influencers to tag specific products before they start their live video, the tagged products will be pinned at the bottom of the live video with prominent links to buy the items, this new feature is expected to be available “in the coming months”.

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