Facebook News Feed now lets you know why you see the post

Facebok why am i seeing this post feature

Facebook has added a new feature “Why am I seeing this post?” which gives you information why a certain post has appeared in your News Feed within the Facbook App. The new feature was added on Sunday this is a similar feature which was already available for the ads you see in Facebook.

How to access this feature?

You can access this feature by using the drop-down menu in the top right of every post. On opening, users will see Facebook’s Logic for why this post has appeared on your News Feed.

The logic is a little too complex to understand for now but in simple words, a specific post appearance include the amount of times you’ve interacted with the post’s author previously, the types of posts you tend to interact with (such as photos or videos), and the overall popularity of the post itself.

Facebook "Why am i seeing this ad?" feature
Facebook “Why am I seeing this ad?” feature (source: Facebook)

With this new update, the “Why am I seeing this AD?” feature has been updated. Earlier the feature lets provide you with the basic information how its ads have been targeted towards and now you’ll see additional details such as whether the advertiser has uploaded a mailing list with your email address in it.

These new feature updates will definitely provide a positive impact on users who are under concerns with Facebook’s data breaches and hacks been happened since last year and earlier.

The new feature will be rolling out from this week and will be available to all users by the middle of May but keep an eye when it will be available to you.

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