Facebook made some new changes to reduce fake news


The social media giant Facebook has announced some new changes that will help the company fight against fake news spreading over Facebook. The major update received to Facebook Groups, groups that “repeatedly share misinformation” will now be distributed to fewer people in the News Feed. As it was noted by various reports that Facebook Groups were used in
distributing propaganda and misinformation around the world in elections and other situations.

Another new update is the content quality with which the system understands how much a post should be seen to News Feed on its overall presence around the internet. This function is similar to Google in which a publishers content ranks up higher in the Google search results if a website or blog is frequently linked to by other sites, the system starts to understand that it’s a trusted source.

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Facebook is also adding the fact-checking feature, for the starting Associated Press will check the videos on Facebook in the US and other sources will be added to other countries too. WhatsApp added a similar feature to reduce the distribution of Fake News or misinformation over the General Elections in India.

Some other features have been added to Facebook mentioned below:

  • A more detailed blocking tool and verified profile badges on Messenger
  • Letting people remove posts and comments from a group, even after leaving the group.
  • Adding more information around “Page quality,” including its “status with respect to clickbait” (in case you couldn’t tell from the headlines, I guess).
  • Reducing the spread of content that doesn’t quite warrant a ban on Instagram (Facebook says “a sexually suggestive post” might be allowed to remain on followers’ feeds, but not appear in Explore).
  • Increasing scrutiny of groups’ moderation when determining if a group is violating rules

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