China banned millions from transportation in 2018

Chinese people on train stations

China prohibited millions of people from buying airplane and high-speed tickets as per the report from the Associated Press which they reported from a copy of Chinese government report.

The government of China rolled out a rule that it will ban people with low social credit scores in may 2018. China’s National Public Credit Information Center released a report last week which says that 17.5 million times people were barred from buying plane tickets and 5.5 million times people were banned from purchasing high speed train tickets as of the end of 2018.

The Chinese government has a system that keeps a record of the people who have have been found guilty of offenses or crimes in court and punishes them partly by restricting their ability to buy plane and train tickets.

Social credit matters a lot in China which helps in preventing the bad behavior as the government has individual policies to monitor individuals and punish them. The government has aimed to created a nation wide system by the end of 2020 but there are no final words how it will operate.

Human rights activists has named this social credit system too rigid and might unfairly label people as dishonest without them knowing that they have lost status or how they can fix it.

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