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Apple don’t fix your Airpods if they die sooner

If your Apple Airpods are not working properly then Apple doesn't repair them for you, but you can get your old Airpods replaced by Apple Store.

Prashant Sharma
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Spanish startup Prometeo wins IBM Call for Code Challenge

Spain-based startup Prometeo wins the IBM Call for Code Challenge 2019 for developing the IBM Watson based AI-powerd safety...

Fortnite’s The End in-game event puts the game offline on purpose

Epic Games' Fortnite went blacked out on purpose after the in-game cataclysmic THE END event ended the season 10...

Porsche unveiled Taycan 4S EV starting at $103,800

Porsche has unveiled the Taycan 4S, a mid-range variant of the Taycan Turbo with up to 420 kW power...

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