Apple and Facebook raises accuses over data privacy says report

Apple and Facebook

Tech companies always advertise as the best in security over user data privacy but all has been criticized and found for violating user’s privacy. Now Apple and Facebook are trading accusations over data privacy as reported by Financial Times.

In a recent letter to human rights watch groups Apple has reassured that its new iOS 14 will have new privacy restrictions and in the letter the company has also mentioned that Facebook is “collecting user data with disregard of user privacy”.

After the letter from Apple, Facebook has immediately made a statement that Apple is trying to distract from other issues and it claims that Apple is using its dominant market position to self-preference its own data collection while making it nearly impossible for competitors to use the same data.

Facebook has also said that Apple’s concern for privacy is a deliberate distraction from the transformations and the company is now more focused on “data-driven software and media” than “innovative hardware products”.

Apple has delayed the rollout of new privacy restrictions on its platform until 2021 after developers and business complained there was not enough time for preparation. The change in the ad business is expected “to vanish billions of dollars in revenue from ad-reliant businesses” as reported by Financial Times.

Apple, Facebook and other tech companies are facing antitrust issues from regulators in the US and other countries.

Source: Financial Times

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